Discover the possibilities with Meatmold™ as seen on TV. Meatmold™ shapes any boring meal into dynamic, exciting creations. Every order comes with our premium Liquimeat™—Mmm, delicious! Endless fun for the family for only $19.99. It's the kitchen tool you never knew you needed. Animation by Jaime Sunwoo. Voice Acting by Jaime Sunwoo, Dalton Johnson, Daisuke Gatanaga, and Sophia Hua.


Silent screensaver animation so you can play pizza faces, fried chicken-legged babies, and six-pack beer abs while you're away from your computer.

Pause and Refresh

Ink, acrylic paint, collage on paper, 16"X24".

Fungal Textiles

Endophytic fungi on potato dextrose agar in 4" petri dishes. Created at The Strobel Biochemistry Lab.

Fleeting Memories

Fleeting Memories is an interactive website that plays a flicker-film generated by an online memory bank of user-submitted stories. Click the pause symbol to read a memory. Click the + symbol to add a memory. Web programming by Harry Yu.