You Are The News Now

You Are The News Now explores the fragile balance of online reality during the United States’ COVID-19 crisis. Through parallel monologues sourced entirely from found text, the virus’s devastation comes into contrast with viral misinformation and conspiracy theories surrounding the virus’s origin, government lockdowns, masks, vaccination, and racial violence.

While the government and establishment media struggle to interpret the crisis for the online public, the mysterious “Q” and his army of citizen journalist “Digital Soldiers” wage war on the construction of truth itself.

Co-created by Jaime Sunwoo and Matt Chilton. Commissioned by Ping Chong + Company.

The project was presented in three different formats.

The online sound piece and transcript can be experienced here.

The storefront installation with amplified sound and projection was presented at Art in Odd Places.

The sound installation was exhibited at 24EBroadway Gallery.

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